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The BeyondBio portal is a secure site offered as a facet of our service offerings for our Exclusive Channel Collaborators. It is not available for public access. For more information about our services please contact us.

Did you know?

Intrexon's exclusive RheoSwitch® technology, incorporated in UltraVector® designed vectors, is the most advanced clinically validated method to precisely regulate the level and timing of gene expression.
Did you know methanotrophs are the only organisms found in nature that naturally consume methane? Intrexon's methanotroph biocatalyst platform is designed to convert natural gas to fuels and lubricants with a high commercial value and low technical risk.
Intrexon's Assay Development and Screening Operations facilitate the testing of engineered cell systems enabling in-house optimization and verification of experimental results.
Trans Ova Genetics, a subsidiary of Intrexon, has an industry leading toolkit of bovine reproductive technologies to enable efficient, high-quality food production, which meets the necessities of a growing global population in a sustainable manner.
Intrexon's technology suite for DNA-based solutions allows us to translate complex DNA into standard components that can be manufactured in an automated format, enabling precise control over the function and output of living cells.
Intrexon's Cell Systems Informatics platform utilizes proprietary models of cell metabolism and cellular processes to guide selection of biosynthetic and regulatory processes for genomic modification.
Intrexon's inducible gene control systems regulate the up/down transcription of engineered genes using externally administered activator ligands.
Intrexon's protein engineering platform utilizes bioinformatics to design enhanced and novel proteins including novel enzymes and fusion proteins with multi-variant functionality.
Intrexon's Cell Systems Informatics platform fuels faster discovery of new gene targets or designs of product pathways through genome-scale models of various organisms and advanced computational biology and informatics approaches that enable cell engineering
Intrexon's UltraVector® platform is the key to rapid development and customization with rational gene design and quality controlled high throughput DNA assembly for incorporation into various hosts
Laser-Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP®) technology enables the specific targeting and to isolation of cells of interest through automated cell identification and selection
By utilizing its innovative technology in collaborations with top tier partners, Intrexon is developing high-value biologically-based solutions to improve quality of life and health of the planet in five sectors: Health, Food, Energy, Environment, and Consumer
design-build-test-learn enabling us to predict the probability of success & achieve improved outcomes across various applications in diverse markets
Intrexon has established Exclusive Channel Collaborations for advancing synthetic biology to improve therapeutics to address a wider range of unmet medical needs in areas including: oncology, blinding diseases, genetic disorders, and infectious diseases
Intrexon has established Exclusive Channel Collaborations for advancing synthetic biology to generate a cost efficient supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients using biology-based manufacturing
Intrexon has established Exclusive Channel Collaborations for advancing synthetic biology to produce natural products of high quality, purity, and supply reliability through fermentation
Intrexon has established an Exclusive Channel Collaboration for advancing synthetic biology to optimize and scale-up a gas-to-liquid bioconversion platform to produce fuels, lubricants and other large volume chemicals
Intrexon plans to transform multiple industries by creating new, more effective, and sustainable solutions through its Better DNA® approach to synthetic biology - Building A Better World through Better DNA
Biotechnology is accelerating four times faster than digital technology.